Welcome.  This site originated sometime around 2009 as my online portfolio, which I built while I was submitting applications to graduate schools.  It now serves as a place for me to share interesting projects that I’m working on.


I am currently a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab in the Responsive Environments group.  My Ph.D. thesis work is based around the idea of large-scale, long-term sensor networks and their applications to environmental monitoring, ecological restoration, education, and new ways of experiencing sensor data.  My research is taking place at a former cranberry farm called Tidmarsh, which over the past several years underwent a construction project attempting to restore it to a functioning wetland.  I’ve instrumented the site with hundreds of low-power wireless sensor nodes, cameras, microphones, and the infrastructure to provide real-time links to the data.

Previously, I was a research assistant at Intel Labs Seattle, where I focused on robotics and sensing applications.


At the Media Lab, I’ve been the TA for my advisor’s class on sensor technologies (which also serves as the lab’s main introductory courses to analog electronics.)  I also regularly assist with How to Make Almost Anything, the famous introduction to digital fabrication.  For Fall 2013 I taught part of the electronics portion of MAS.500: Foundations in Media Technology, and served as TA for 4.S23: Design of Low Power Environmental Sensors and Networks. This semester I will be officially taking a break from teaching, but I’m sure will end up assisting with various things.

I was a teaching assistant for the Software for Embedded Systems course at the University of Washington for three quarters. I developed lab assignments and custom hardware for the class, and assisted students in the lab. I received an honorable mention for the Bandes Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching for my work.

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